I am currently accepting commissions, portraits, custom paintings, and custom designs, and would be happy to consider freelance illustration and design opportunities. There is a 50% deposit on all commissions to cover the cost of materials. My priority is, of course, client satisfaction. The timeline for commission completion is dependant on the scale and level of detail of the project.

My original work centers around nature and the whimsical with themes in fantasy, gothic, and science fiction. I mostly accept commissions that align with my original work, and those that do are given priority. Please familiarize yourself with my artistic style before contacting me.

Pricing is based on project requirements (size, materials, nature of the project, shipping location), and there is a discount for multiple commissions. For security, I do not paint live models at my residence. I am professional, and look forward to new opportunities! Please contact me if you are interested.

Yes of course! I sometimes sell my own handmade jewelry here on my website. I also sell various other products such as mugs, stickers, pillow covers, posters, etc on other sites such as Zazzle, Society6, and Prints on Wood.

Prints found on other sites such as Zazzle, Society6, and Prints on Wood are fulfilled by their respective companies. I have no control over their policies and procedures. I do assure that I go through these companies to provide high quality products.

Shipping and handling is included in my print prices. Shipping for my originals and figures varies based on item and where it is being shipped. It usually takes 1-2 weeks for an item to be delivered within the U.S.

On my website I accept payments via PayPal. I also accept credit cards, checks, and money orders via mail. If you are interested in ordering via snail mail, please note that orders will be processed as they come in and once payment clears. Please email me for the order form. It should also be noted that if I am not home to receive mail orders, then they will not be processed until I return.

Paypal is a secure transaction processing system. It is very much like a credit card processor, and the purchaser is not charged fees for using it. Only the seller is charged a percentage per transaction. Some locations and countries may require you to set up a Paypal account before using it.

Yes, however, the images must remain unaltered in any way, and cannot be for commercial use. You can resize it to fit your space, but you cannot alter the colors, add text, etc. You must also credit my work back to me and this website (© Shannon Eagle www.TinyWorksOfArt.com). Also, permission will not be given for stationery, invitations, banners, skins, or any of the other ways the art might be used.

The Visual Artists’ Rights Act is a very helpful document from the government that outlines the artist’s rights to their intellectual property.

Yes of course! I would also love it if you sent me an image of the finished piece, so that I could share it on my artist Facebook page.

The simple answer is no. Selling my work is how I make a living as an artist, and so is the selling of my prints and products associated with it. To do so is in violation of copyright laws. Also, if you believe to have witnessed someone else misuse my work, please contact me.