Whiskey Jack


December 2016's Bird Whisperer is a Gray Jay. These neat little birds are part of the corvidae family, and are actually native to the WA area and along the Rocky Mountains. They have a cool nickname, Whiskey Jack, which comes from the Alonquian and Dene mythological figure Wisakedjak. I really was inspired by the winter weather and my love of the mountains while doing this piece. Since these cool little birds don't migrate during the winter months, I wanted to show this little guy in a winter spruce. The original is painted on a cut tree round as a nod to the Jay's advantageous behavior around lumber camps, which is where they get another nickname, camp robber. Responsible consumption of whiskey was used in the creation of this painting. The Bird Whisperers is a group of artists painting for their love of birds. Each month we all debut a piece based on the same reference photo. You can check out our group here on facebook.

8.5 x 11 in (21.59 x 27.94 cm) -- $15.00

These are my most popular size print. They come on beautful, glossy, high-end paper, and are printed using high quality, archival ink. These prints will have a small white border.

* Prints will not have the watercolor mark on them. Prices include tax & shipping.